Huilliche language

Spoken in

  • Araucanian languages Huilliche


Huilliche (also Veliche ) is a language in Chile, one of a small language family of the Araucanian languages. The only relative is the Mapudungun ( Mapuche language ). Huilliche is only spoken by a few thousand (mostly older ) people.

The name of the language comes from the name of the ethnic group ( Huilliche ), whose name in Mapudungun willi ' south ' che ' people ' is composed ( as much as " Southerners ").

In Adelaar / Muysken (2004) dealt with the Huilliche a dialect of Mapudungun; However, it is not mutually intelligible with the ( other ) Mapuche dialects. In Ethnologue (2009 ), however, the Huilliche is classified as a separate language.