Hujjat al-Islam

Hodschatoleslam (Arabic حجة الإسلام, DMG ḥuǧǧat al -Islam, Proof of Islam ' Persian حجتالإسلام Hojatoleslam ), is an Islamic scholar's title, especially in the area of ​​Twelver Shi'ism is used today.

The title was first used in Sunni Islam, and indeed for the ash ʿ aritischen scholar Ghazzali ( 1058-1111 ).

In the title hierarchy of modern Twelver Shia Hodschatoleslam is located above the title Fadil and ʿ Allama and below Ayatollah. The titles correspond to certain stages in the education system of the Hawza. The title Hodschatoleslam, the students who have already completed parts of the upper level education ( chāridsch ) and teach students of middle sutūh level. In the Chāridsch - level students work independently on religious issues and they deal mainly with Islamic legal theory ( usul al - fiqh). Once they have completed the chāridsch - level education and get the ability to ijtihad, they are called Hodschatoleslam wa'l- Muslim.

Well-known holder of the title Hodschatoleslam wa'l- Muslim are, for example, Mohammad Khatami, Mehdi Karroubi and the new Iranian President Hassan Rohani.

If a Hodschatoleslam excelled in drafting their own tracts and legal opinions as well as by teaching at chāridsch level and also already gathered some followers ( muqallidūn ) has to, he can get the Ayatollah title. Chamene'i Ali, who had held the rank of Hodschatoleslam as an Iranian revolutionary leader before taking office, was theologically higher graded after the death of Ayatollah Khomeini from the government press and titled henceforth Ayatollah. This upgrading will not be accepted by the majority of Orthodox clerics to this day.