Human Engineered Software

HESware, abbreviation for " Human Engineered Software ," was in the 1980s an American software developer company that focused on the development of software for the VC20 and the C64 and was in Burlingame, California, home. The company was founded in 1982 and disappeared from the market in 1987.

HESware put forth various software in the fields of learning and playing programs, including titles such as Attack of the Mutant Camels, Mr. TNT or Shamus, and programming aids such as BASIC and Graphics 64Forth. With the HesMon also a machine language monitor for the C64 has been developed.

Partial HESware was the largest provider of "single -source" software for the C64.

In October 1984, the already highly indebted company HESware of the " Avant Guard Publishing Corp.. " Was bought in order to avoid insolvency.

The switch to newer platforms such as the Atari ST and Amiga was very late, the development of a space simulation for Atari ST and the Amiga was indeed begun, but no completion took longer.

Game developer Larry Holland and Ron Gilbert, who later became famous for her work at LucasArts, started her career at HESware.