Human genetics

Human genetics is a branch of genetics. This deals specifically with the genetic material of humans.

Human genetics is an interdisciplinary science which links medical diagnostics using molecular biological research and methodology.

Classification of human genetic methodology:

For human genetics among others include the study of hereditary diseases and the creation of paternity tests and genetic counseling.

Medical Genetics

The Medical Genetics (referred to in the media and medical genetics) is the part of the field of human genetics, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases. It emerged in the postwar period. As its founder Victor McKusick applies ( 1921-2008 ). His work Mendelian Inheritance in Man; A Catalog of Human Genes and Genetic Disorders in 1966 and since then reprinted one of the standard works of Medical Genetics.

The connection of the Swiss Medical Association makes the following definition in the training program for the " Specialist in Medical Genetics " from 1 January 1999 with stand 2011:

In Austria the title of " specialist / doctor of Medical Genetics " was introduced with the medical training regulations to allow for the " Euro area compliant designation of specialized doctors and medical specialists from the field of population genetics " from 1 January 2007. The " Specialist in Medical Biology " was renamed to that effect. The regulation uses the following definition:


In Germany, the " specialist in human genetics " relevant. The educational systems of the state medical boards in Germany included first the following definition for the " Specialist in Medical Genetics ":

By the definition of the German Medical Chambers currently has the following definition from a medical point of view:

Job titles in the European Union

There are following specializations of specialist professions of Medical Genetics by country:

Associations and publications

The Professional Association of Medical Genetics in Germany was established in 1983 and went to the end of 2003 in the German Society of Human Genetics ( GfH ). There are also in the range of DA -CH the Professional Association of German geneticist ( BVDH ), the Swiss Society of Medical Genetics ( SGMG ) and the Austrian Society of Human Genetics ( ÖGH ). Their joint publication is the medical genetics.

The British Medical Association is the Journal of Medical Genetics out.