Human physical appearance

The appearance refers to the appearance of an object or a person.


In Johann Christoph Adelung Grammatically - critical dictionary of the High German dialect of 1793 it is called, looks mean: have a certain definite external shape .... (black, appear yellow, red, white good, evil, ugly, old, young, pale.. appearance) In more recent parlance is sometimes also described here with the impression caused by the appearance of the viewer, for example " old look " as a euphemism for " the problem posed not be able to cope ."

State comes a certain look through the physical process of light reflection, the color and texture of an object or a person transferred by the light of another person that catches your eye. Due to the biological function of vision, the viewer has a picture of the "Appearance " in the head.

Appearance (examples)

In Germany the appearance plays in professional life, especially for job interviews or job applications, a large role, with outfit and the physique, to gestures, are important. In Britain, in contrast, in application letter not even the provision of the application photos usual. Companies also make their appearance and their products, often go to his own style. So corporate logos can help to shape on letterheads and overalls the style as part of the corporate design. For example, a book series over specific time periods have the cover of the same graphic artist or photographer, and otherwise a uniform appearance, as regards size, material, shape, etc.

Beauty ideals

Beauty ideals are subject to social changes and dependent on the culture and taste more questions.


A saying goes, " clothes make the man ". By appropriate clothing a social person can achieve low Asked supposed prestige. Thus the action of the clothes on the appearance or impression of a person is very significant. There are to a person's appearance numerous phrases, often with metaphors and comparisons ( He looks as 'd ' he stood in the pillory. , He looks as 'd ' he breakfasted cockchafer. , He looks like he could grieve no water. etc.).