Humanist Party of Switzerland

The Humanist Party of Switzerland (HPS ) (French Parti humaniste suisse (PHS ), Italian Partito Umanista Svizzera ( PUS), Romansh: Partida Umanistica Romansch ( PUS) ) is a left-wing political party in Switzerland, which pursues a neohumanistischen policy stance. The HPS was initially active only in the canton of Zurich, but since 1999, in German-speaking Switzerland.


The HPS was founded in 1984. HPS 1986 first participated in the municipal elections in the canton of Zurich and in 1987 the State Council elections in Zurich and the general election, where seats were clearly missed in all cases. The HPS is a co-founder of the Humanist International in Florence (1989). In 1989, the HPS was first active outside the canton Zurich by took to the Grand Conseil election in Aargau.

On 15 May 1999, the HPS was extended at the 1st National Congress in Bern to the entire German -speaking Switzerland. In the same year she participated in three cantons in National Council elections ( Bern, Basel-Stadt, Zurich ) but reached only a share of the vote from 0.5 % in Basel City and only 0.1 % in the cantons of Bern and Zurich.

Since May 2006 there is also a section of the Italian Switzerland ( Partito della Svizzera Italiana Umanista ).