Humax is a South Korean manufacturer of antenna technology.


HUMAX was founded in 1989 in Seoul / South Korea and is listed on the KOSDAQ under the WKN ( 28080KQ ) since 1997. As a leading global manufacturer HUMAX receiver in addition to its headquarters in Korea Business seats in Japan, the Middle East, India, Australia, Europe and the USA. In January 2000 opened with the HUMAX Digital GmbH, the German subsidiary in Oberursel, near Frankfurt. From here, all the company's operations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe are controlled.


  • December 2008 - HUMAX ICORD HD delivers the PDR the first premiere certified HDTV hard drive recorders
  • November 2008 - HUMAX can " iCord " Enter a registered trademark
  • December 2007 - HUMAX ICORD HD delivers the first HDTV hard drive recorders
  • May 2006 - The first PREMIERE HDTV cable receiver comes from HUMAX
  • December 2003 - Opening of sales office in Milan, Italy
  • August 2003 - Opening of the branch office in New Delhi, India
  • February 2002 - Opening of sales office in London, United Kingdom
  • November 2001 - The export total of 200 million U.S. dollars is reached. A branch office in Japan is opened.
  • November 2000 - The export total of 100 million U.S. dollars is reached
  • January 2000 - Foundation of the German HUMAX office in Oberursel / Taunus near Frankfurt
  • December 1999 - Establishment of a branch in Dubai.
  • May 1997 - Establishment of a branch in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • September 1996 - Development and distribution of set-top boxes for digital satellite reception
  • May 1992 - Sales of digital karaoke equipment for private use
  • February 1989 - Foundation of Conin System Co., Ltd.. by seven graduate and doctorate graduates of Seoul National University, Department of Control / Control Systems and Instrumentation


  • ICORD HD (IP Hybrid PVR)
  • HD -FOX ( IP Hybrid HD)
  • HD -FOX
  • ICord Mini ( IP Hybrid PVR)