Humlikon is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms is derived from the family of the Barons of Humlikon. In the 19th century heraldic symbols for agriculture ( plow ) and Viticulture ( pruning hooks ) were used in the coat of arms. When it came time to set an official coat of arms, the community was advised to set the historical coat of arms of the family of Humlikon again, which was approved in 1930 by the vocal citizens.

The municipality is located in the Zürcher Weinland Humlikon between Schaffhausen and Winterthur. From the community area are 63.5 % agriculture, 28.4 % is covered by forest, 2.7% is traffic area and 5.4% settlement area.



On 12 July 1228 a monk Konrad von Humlicon beurkundetet a sale, it is this is the first mention of the church.

Plane crash of Dürrenäsch

The crash of an aircraft type Caravelle Swissair on September 4, 1963 in Dürrenäsch in Canton Aargau 74 passengers lost their lives; 43 people came from Humlikon, around one-fifth of the former inhabitants. There were 19 married couples and five individuals, including all members of the municipal council. The Caravelle they want to travel to Geneva to be informed there about pest control. More than 40 children have been orphaned. The leadership of the church was taken over as acting by the Canton.

The SVP 54.0 %, FDP 9.09%, 8.11%, the BDP, the glp 7.59%, the SP 7.47%, the Greens 2.56%, 1.93%, the CVP, and the EPP 1.88% of the vote ( national election of 2011).

Mayor Heinz Vogt (2009).