Real Hops ( Humulus lupulus)

Hops ( Humulus ) is a genus of flowering plants of the hemp family ( Cannabaceae ). All hops species occur in the northern hemisphere. The best known representative of the genus is the True hops used for brewing beer.


The Humulus species are fast-growing annual to perennial herbaceous vines that wind clockwise. The stems and petioles have stiff -armed stalked hairs. The stems are rough, sechsrippig to winged. The opposite, stalked leaves are more or less heart-shaped and usually three to seven, rarely up neunlappig. There are Stipules present.

Humulus species are dioecious getrenntgeschlechtig ( dioecious ). The male flowers are borne in loose, paniculate inflorescences. The female flowers are borne in peg-shaped, aged men zymösen inflorescences. Your bracts enlarge after flowering time. The nut fruits are broadly ovate, the cup is still available.

-picked hops

Hop field with wire frame for vines

V-shaped twining hop plants in the field


Types and occurrence

The genus contains only three species, all of which occur in China:

  • The Real Hops ( Humulus lupulus L.) is a perennial plant that can live up to fifty years old, and is used inter alia for brewing beer. Your several subspecies and numerous varieties occur in Eurasia and North America.
  • The Japanese hops ( Humulus scandens ( Lour. ) Merr, Syn: .. Antidesma scandens Lour, Humulopsis scandens ( Lour. ) Grudzinskaja, Humulus japonicus Sieb & Zucc. . ) This species is an annual plant found in Europe, sometimes as an ornamental plant use. It is native to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, and he is regarded in the U.S. as a neophyte.
  • The Yunnan - hop ( Humulus yunnanensis Hu): He is persistent and known only from the Chinese province of Yunnan.