A hundred is a military or police unit with about one hundred members.


Even the Roman army was divided since its beginnings in each of a centurion commanded Centuries, which translates as " hundred " means (from the Latin centum = "hundred" ); However, Roman Centurions usually consisted of less than 100 men. The Germans fought in many hundreds, which were consisted of outdoors and led by Hunni. In these formations was also military training and exercise. Such hundreds, which are also known as Huntare were organized by village communities, which facilitated the cohesion and social control, and existed in rural areas to the Middle Ages as an organizational form of free peasants ( as in today's Switzerland ). In Scandinavia, this classification has survived as Harde up to the present time. In decadic units ( hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of properties ), the Mongolian warlord affiliated their troops. Also, the Turkish army has traditionally been divided into units of one hundred men that a Yüzbaşi ( " hundred leaders" ) commanded until today the Turkish rank designation for a captain.