Huta Wielka

Huta Wielka ( German Albrecht forest ) is a town in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in northeastern Poland. The place belongs to Gmina Zalewo in powiat Iławski.

Huta Wielka lies in the moraine landscape of the Upper Lands, about twelve kilometers south-east of Zalewo. The place is located near the Jezioro Dauby ( German Dubensee ).

Albrecht Walde was founded by the Tribunalrat Johann Albrecht von Schoenaich in the southern part of the district Schnellwalde in 1714. He wanted to remember all his children in his year of death and founded therefore:

" 1 A new village, called Schoenaich, holds 15 Huben, 2 called a Barbican, glory, 3 2 village, called Albrecht forest and Leusnersberg. "

The name Albrecht forest is derived from the name of his son Albrecht.

In the 19th century Albrecht forest had the status of a rural community. It was incorporated in the District Auer in 1874 at the newly established District Weepers in a circle Morag, after its dissolution in 1882. In 1928, Albrecht forest was incorporated into Schnellwalde, but only in 1929 the district forest Albrecht was fired from the administration belonging to the district of Auer and (like the rest of the community Schnellwalde ) incorporated in the official district Karni tablets.

After incorporation into the Polish State Albrecht forest was renamed Huta Wielka (literally " large hut " ), joined the Gmina Zalewo and 1946 the Gmina Boreczno in June 1945. Between 1952 and 1973 formed Huta Wielka a Gromada in the powiat Moraski. Since 1973, the place belongs to, and is co-supervised by the Gmina Zalewo mayor's office Duba.


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