HV is in technology and science for:

  • Vickers hardness, a measure of the hardness of materials
  • The identification of a compound with high tensile bolts; H here means high strength ( material quality of the screw) - V was derived originally from biased than state of the installed screw from
  • Helvetic action, a short-term merger (1934 ) of two Swiss parties
  • Listeners meeting at a college / university
  • Constitution of the State of Hessen
  • Power of attorney, a license issued in a business venture in the external relationship to employees, limited to the trading business business agency power
  • Main process in the allocation of study places, in contrast to the NRV ( clearing process )

HV is in the business of:

  • General meeting of a public limited company
  • Main representative or the principal representative
  • Property Management
  • Transavia, a Dutch airline ( IATA code )

HV stands for the following publications:

  • Helgoland harbinger, a satirical newspaper
  • Historical quarterly magazine, a magazine
  • Historical Society for the Saar area
  • Hockey club; see hockey
  • High Church Association
  • Vojska Hrvatska, Croatian for Croatian Army
  • Main misreading in the Swiss Army
  • Highland Association of Catholic neo-German connections, an umbrella organization of student connections

HV as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Portsmouth
  • Norway: Lillehammer in the province of Oppland

H V stands for:

  • Horten HV, a motorized flying wing experimental aircraft of the Horten brothers
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