Hvedholm Castle

The Danish Hvedholm Castle (Danish Hvedholm Slot) is located near the town of Faaborg on Funen. The same good reverts to a noble residence of the 16th century, and was among other things owned by the families Brahe and Hardenberg. Hvedholm now home to a castle hotel

The castle was built in 1880 for the Lehnsgrafen Bille Brahe Selby as the successor of an older manor house. The three -winged building of historicism cited forms of French Baroque style, from the high observation tower offers a view to the South Funen Archipelago. To the north of the castle, some of the historic buildings have been preserved Wirtschaftshofs, south, an English landscape garden adjoins.

The palace complex is connected by a long avenue with the only round church on Funen. The Horne Kirke once served as patron of the church Guts Hvedholm.