Hvozd (Rakovník District)


The village is located in the headwaters of the creek Tyterský creek in 484 m asl in Rakonitzer hills. To the northwest of the mountain rises Senecká hora (506 m).

Neighboring towns are Senec in the north, Pavlíkov in the east, Panoší Újezd ​​in the south, the west and Malinová Žďáry and Příčina in the northwest.


The first written record dates from 1352. Settlement is older, however, as a prehistoric burial ground north of the village, on which the church was built later occupied. Between 1710 and 1712 the church was rebuilt in Baroque style.


  • Baroque Church of St. John the Baptist, the former Gothic building was given its present form in the years 1710-1712
  • Stone cross at the church, built in the mid-19th century
  • Historic milestone of sandstone and cast iron cross on the road to Malinová at the point of an intersection with the old wagon trail after Rakovníka

The municipality consists of the villages Hvozd Hvozd and Žďáry (fire ).