Hyades (mythology)

The Hyades (Greek Ὑάδες which make it rain ) are nymphs of Greek mythology, whose number and lineage has changed again and again.

  • Even Homer knew the constellation of Hyades, also called rain star, which is found as a V- shaped star cluster in the constellation Taurus.
  • Hesiod leads five Hyades, which are similar to the Graces: Phaisyle, Koronis, Kle ( e) ia, Phaio, Eudore
  • Pherecydes called seven who were wont Dionysos in his childhood and was later transferred by Zeus in gratitude among the stars, as they are known as the star cluster of the Hyades today. The seven are: Ambrosia, Eudora, Pedile, Coronis, Polyxo, Phyto, Thyone.
  • According to Hyginus Mythographus the Oceanid Aithra or Pleione to have the Atlas born twelve daughters and a son, Hyas. When he was killed on the hunt of a snake (or a lion ), five sisters were out of pity of Zeus under the name Hyades, Pleiades than offset the other seven under the stars.
  • According to Euripides, the Hyades are three daughters of Erechtheus, who give themselves to death after one of them is sacrificed by Eumolpus and his Thracians.
  • Two Hyades, which save the person sitting on the funeral pyre of her husband Amphitryon suspected of infidelity Alcmene as rain donors appear on vase paintings.