Hybodus fraasi from the Solnhofen limestone at the Museum of Natural History, Berlin

Europe, North America

The Hybodontiformes belong to the subclass of Plattenkiemer ( Elasmobranchii ) and are probably the sister group of the Neoselachii, modern sharks and rays. The first Hybodontiformes appeared in the Lower Carboniferous, in the Mississippian. They survived alongside the Neoselachii the only Plattenkiemer the mass extinction at the end of the Permian and the Triassic and disappeared while only at the end of the Cretaceous. The Neoselachii are thus the only ones still living Plattenkiemer.

  • Acrodus Agassiz, 1837
  • Asteracanthus
  • Hamiltonichthys
  • Hybodus Agassiz, 1837
  • Lissodus Brough, 1935
  • Lonchidion
  • Polyacrodus Jaekel, 1889
  • Protacodus
  • Pseudodalatias
  • Ptychodus Agassiz, 1835
  • Steinbachodus
  • Tribodus


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