Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster

The Hydra- Centaurus Supercluster is a supercluster, which is in the large-scale structure of the universe, the nearest neighbor of our local supercluster ( Virgo Supercluster ).

  • Centaurus subgroup with the galaxy cluster Abell 3565, Abell 3574, Abell 3581 and the Centaurus cluster of galaxies ( Abell 3526 ), and
  • The Hydra- subgroup, consisting essentially of the Hydra cluster of galaxies ( Abell 1060 ).

The removal of the supercluster amounts to 140 million light-years (43 Mpc ) for the nearest Centaurus clusters, up to 300 million light years (90 Mpc ) for the most distant cluster Abell 3581st The brightest single galaxy of the structure is the elliptical galaxy NGC 4696 likes in Centaurus clusters with apparent magnitude of 10.7.

In the direction of the Centaurus supercluster, but with a distance of about 650 million light years still clearly behind this, is the Shapley Supercluster, which is among the largest and densest known superclusters within 1 billion light years.