Høyjord stave church

The Stave Church Høyjord is a Norwegian stave church. It is located in Anbu in the province of Vestfold.

The stave church was first mentioned in 1374, but is most likely older than that. It is a simple long church with a central tower and choir completed. The central pole was probably used as a support of a ridge turret with bell tower. The original church had arcades. The church had fallen into disrepair in the late 17th century and was therefore almost completely restored. They were joined by Exterior cladding. 1840 wall covering was placed inside the church and in 1900 a vestry was erected.

After the Second World War, reconstructed the original appearance of the church. The roof including roof riders was reconstructed after the model of the demolished stave church from Hallingdal. Of the original richly carved portals in the west and in the south west corner and south of the choir, a carved Archivolte the west portal is only left.