View of the Hymettus ( Ymittos )

The Hymettus ( Ὑμηττός ancient Greek, Modern Greek Ymittos Υμηττός ) is up to 1,026 m high mountain ridge on the peninsula of Attica in Greece. It is located about 10 km southeast of the city center of the Greek capital Athens, and consists of two separate surveys by a passport. Because of its importance for history and cityscape of Athens, the mountain is much observed and described:

" Even your sky is blue, the rocks, wild, Beautiful are the valleys and the meadows so green, And honey drips in the Hymettus districts; Still looks to build bee duftge cells The free-born wanderer of this Hoehn; For a long time can Apollo the summer blue, Pendelis shiny marble to erhöhn. Art, fame and freedom waned, but the nature was beautiful. "

"I have always loved the word Hymettus to its blaring well- Loud sake "

In the partially closed off the summit plateau, with its forest of antennas performs a highway.

In ancient times it was famous for its honey ( " Hymettosbienen "). In addition, the then existing forests were used as a source of timber. The bluish- gray " hymettische " marble was used as a contrast to the white marble Pentelischen in structures. On Hymettus, there are some interesting caves.