Hynce Ptáček of Pirkstein

Hynek Ptáček of Pirkstein (also: Hinko bird of Pirkstein; Czech Hynek Ptáček z Pirkštejna; * 1404, † August 27 1444 in Rataje nad Sázavou ) was a Bohemian nobleman, the highest court and mint master of Bohemia and acting head of the Bohemian royal cities.


Hynek Ptáček of Pirkstein came from a sideline of the noble family Leipa. From 1420 he was in possession of Rataje nad Sázavou and soon rose to the highest court and master of the mint of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the acting head of the royal cities. As a representative of the moderate Hussites in 1434 he fought in the battle of Lipan on the side of Prague units. After Sigismund's death in 1437 he was, together with his protégé and future Landesverweser and Bohemian King George of Podiebrad an influential group of nobles, who boycotted the election of Sigismund's son Albrecht II as King of Bohemia. They tried the Polish king Władysław III. to win as the new ruler of Bohemia. However, the opposed itself to a Polish Nobility Assembly. Therefore, the only eleven -year-old brother Władysław, Kazimir was nominated as a candidate and elected by the opposition group, but could not prevail against Albrecht II. When, after the death of Albert, who died in 1439 without male heirs, subsequently arrived a throne vacant, founded Hynek Ptáček of Pirkstein 1440 along with other nobles, the regional alliance Landsfried the maintenance of peace. As the captain called Hynek Ptáček of Pirkstein in August 1441 after a meeting Caslau on which an action against the robber barons January Kolda was agreed by Žampach who held illegally occupied several possessions in Bohemia. 1443 conquered Hynek Ptáček of Pirkstein with Jan Čabelický the Prague Castle. After his death he was buried in St. Matthew's Church in Rataje nad Sázavou.


Hynek Ptáček was married to Jitka of Kunštát, a daughter of Heralt of Kunštát († 1408 ). After her death he married Anna († 1452 ), daughter of Oberstmünzmeisters Ulrich V. Neuhaus. This marriage came from the daughter

  • Margaret, who married in 1463 Duke Viktorin, the second son of George of Podiebrad.