The Enallage [ ɛnʔalage ː, ɛnʔalage ] (Greek ἐναλλαγή ) or the Hypallage [ hypalage ː, hypalage ] (Greek ὑπαλλαγή " confusion " ) is a rhetorical figure in which logical word relationships mostly through grammatical association of the adjective to a word or word element to which it content does not belong, to be postponed.


  • " In the near awaiting your reply "
  • " Four-story homeowners " (often used for illustrations )

In Latin, there is also the - often imitated in German - shift of the diminutive ( diminutive ) from noun to the adjective, for example barbatuli iuvenes ( " a bit of bearded youths " ) ( Att 1,14,5 )

The Duden ( 22nd edition, 2000) has this only as Enallage and Hypallage defined as " the substitution of a attributive genitive with a attributivischen adjective and vice versa."

In Wahrigs the German dictionary ( Anniversary Edition 1991) the distinction between Enallage and Hypallage is not very clear by the Enallage is defined as " shift the relationship of words to each other ," the Hypallage as a " change in the relations of words to each other, change and interchange of parts of sentences ", where, however, that these definitions may be understood that the Enallage is to be considered as a certain kind of Hypallage.


  • Rhetorical term