I'm Not a Gun

I'm Not a Gun is a project of two musicians John Tejada and Takeshi Nishimoto. The releases of the band can be assigned to the electronica genre in the broadest sense, but also draw influences from post-rock and jazz.


Tejada and Nishimoto got to know in 1998 in Los Angeles, where Nishimoto studied at the University of Southern California and worked as a session musician. While Nishimoto composed the pieces and plays the guitar, Tejada plays the drums and is responsible for the electronic effects.

2003 they released their debut album, Everything At Once on the Berlin label City Centre Offices (CCO ). In parallel, the EP Make Sense And Loose appeared with remixes by Tejada, Ulrich Schnauss and Smyglyssna. After two more albums on CCO followed in 2008 with Mirror, the first album on their own label Palette Recordings Tejadas. Was released in 2010 the album Solace, this time back on CCO.

The band has already toured Japan and appeared live on in Los Angeles and Berlin.



  • 2004: Our Lives On Wednesdays ( City Centre Offices )
  • 2006: We Think As Instruments ( City Centre Offices )
  • 2008: Mirror ( Palette Recordings)
  • 2010: Solace ( City Centre Offices )

Singles & EPs

  • 2003: Make Sense And Loose ( Remixes) ( City Centre Offices )
  • 2005: Sundays Will Never Change (Remixes ) ( City Centre Offices )