I'm the Slime


I'm the Slime is a 1973 released single by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention from the album Over- Nite Sensation.

There are several live versions on the albums Zappa in New York and You Can not Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol 1 "I'm the Slime " and its B-side Montana can also be found on Zappa's compilation Strictly Commercial. The piece was played in concerts from 1973 to 1977, and 1984. The text is politically and socially critical and satirical.

Text and meaning

The piece consists of two parts; the first in the form of "Who am I? " puzzle:

" I am big and perverted. I'm obsessed 'n deranged. Existed I have for years, but very little had changed. I am the tool of the government and industry too, for I am destined to rule and regulate you. I may be vile and pernicious, but you can not look away. I make you think I'm delicious, with the stuff that I say. I am the best you can Born Christened Have you guessed me yet? "

Translated it means something like:

"I 'm disgusting and perverse. I'm obsessed and disturbed. Exists I have for years, but very little has changed. Industry I'm the tool of the government and also the (advertising), I am destined to dominate you and to control. maybe I'm obnoxious and harmful, but you can not look away. use the things I say, I'll make you think that I would be appetizing. I'm the best that you can get. Did you want me to guess that? "

The second part deals with the evils of that in the first section, personified thing, the various content that can be seen on American television.


In the album Over- Nite Sensation, the piece I'm the Slime was in second place, the B- side of Montana in seventh place.