I'm with Lucy

Everybody Loves Lucy ( Original title: I'm with Lucy ) is an American- French comedy film from 2002 directed by Jon Sherman, the screenplay was written by Eric Pomerance. .


Shortly before her wedding, Lucy tells her friend Melissa, as she met the groom. The foregoing events are shown in a flashback.

The blonde New York journalist Lucy gets dumped by her boyfriend Peter. Then she meets in the course of a year with five men, who she met through her ​​circle of friends. In January, with the scientist Doug, in May with the playwright Gabriel, in July, with the ex- athlete Bobby Staley and in September with the computer store owner Barry. After Barry has made her to marry him, and she refused, Lucy flees to Florida, where she goes out in December with the orthopedist Luke.

Luke moves to New York and even though Lucy is with him, she still has feelings for Barry and Barry for them. When Luke insults at a dinner because he was doused with wine, she leaves the restaurant in order to reconcile with Barry. On a sunny day Lucy finally makes this a marriage proposal. You get married on the same day. During the wedding ceremony presents Lucy Bobby Melissa, who kisses him later.


The film was shot in New York City and Miami. His cost of production was estimated at 15 million U.S. dollars. The world premiere took place on 30 August 2002 held at the Deauville Festival of American Cinema, on 8 November 2002, the film on the AFI Film Festival was shown. In Germany it was published in November 2003 directly to DVD.


Carina Hoskisson called the film on efilmcritic.com as " clever" and "charming" and compared him to the movies with Julia Roberts. The scene of the separation of Lucy's friend was very funny. The dialogues were " snappy ", but not overdone. Hoskisson praised the illustrations, especially those of Monica Potter. The film was not a great movie, but he was a good film that deserves a wider audience.

The magazine Cinema credited the actress " a magical aura ." Although the audience knows " quite early on who is the right one for Lucy, but her charming way and some original gags about Dating and Relationships can come up until then hardly boredom ".

Said The lexicon of the International film: " Episodic told romantic comedy with charm and some wit, but without much originality. "

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