I- DEAS (Integrated Design and Engineering Analysis Software ) is a commercial CAD software for 3D design, which was originally developed by the company Structural Dynamics Research Corporation ( SDRC ). SDRC was acquired in 2001 by the company Electronic Data Systems (EDS ) and merged with the acquired simultaneously by competitors EDS Unigraphics Solutions. The CAD product Unigraphics Unigraphics Solutions and developed by SDRC I-DEAS CAD software be transferred to the new joint NX CAD program. Currently (March 2007) I- DEAS is marketed under the name of I- DEAS ( NX Series). EDS has submitted to a private equity consortium Unigraphics later than UGS Corporation. The Siemens Automation and Drives division (A & D) (Current Name: Siemens PLM Software ) has bought UGS for 3.5 billion dollars ( 2.7 billion euros ) in early 2007.

I- DEAS was used in conjunction with other programs as part of a software package for group-wide product development and design within the automotive industry. I- DEAS supports parametric design.

I- DEAS is modular. The more than 30 different modules in the areas of Digital Product Design ( inter alia Master Modeler, Master Drafting, Surfacing Master, Master Assembly, viewers, converters ), digital manufacturing and digital simulation can be installed individually, license and use. From each program module is accessed but the common data base, called the team directory. In a master - model stored in the various version levels on the team - list items can be combined into an overall model of the part to be constructed.