I Feel for You

I Feel for You is a song by Prince from 1979, which was covered in 1984 by Chaka Khan and produced by Arif Mardin.


Originally Prince I Feel for You in 1979 wrote in his work on the album Prince, and took to a demo. After five years, began in 1984, work on the song, it led Khan with Prince's consent some changes: Rappassagen, bridges with harmonica and passages from Stevie Wonder's Fingertips. As a rapper Melle Mel could be obtained for the harmonica Stevie Wonder.

The cover version of I Feel for You was released on October 29, 1984; it became a number-one hit in the UK and Ireland. It is 5:46 minutes long and appeared on the same album. On the B - side of the single is the song Chinatown.

Music Video

The music video takes place in an American neighborhood. In much of the action Chaka Khan performs with some background dancers choreography by, thereby serving a disc jockey and a mixer scratcht a plate.

Cover versions