I Hope (Rebecca Ferguson song)

December 1, 2013

I Hope is a song by the British singer Rebecca Ferguson. The song was in the UK, published on 1 December 2013 as the main single from her second studio album, Freedom.


In November 2012, Ferguson said that she wished to return to their U.S. tour, early in 2013, into the studio to write a song for her second album, which was intended for the end of the same year. Ferguson described her own album, Freedom, as a " powerful and snappier than its predecessor". In July 2013, the singer posted on Twitter a series of tweets about her pride about her now finished album and that the album was " a challenge in the production." She tweeted also that she wrote some songs about their children. Meanwhile, Ferguson governed a dispute with her ​​management Modest! Management, after she had described it as " disgusting " because it temporarily sections her contact with their children. Ferguson and their management regulated litigation, due to an unknown sum of money. On October 10, 2013 Ferguson divulged that her single eventually " I Hope" will be called and that the publication was originally, a week before the official release, scheduled for November 24. The premiere of I Hope took place on 14 October 2013.

Music Video

The accompanying music video was officially premiered on 21 October 2013. It shows how Ferguson sings in an apartment, while other people their love and " heartbreak " represent in different ratios.


Lewis Corner of Digital Spy gave the song four out of five stars and added:

" Musically represents ' I Hope ' Ferguson's preference for a quiet soul number, but Ferguson has lyrish more fire in their belly. ( With the lines ) "Cause after a time you did Realised it is not easy / 'Cause after a time you did Realised you should've Believed in me" she tells her mortal rage, its a bad relationship and forgiveness neglect. Ferguson's smoky tones are tinged with pain, but equipped with new defiance and a chart speed values ​​in their possession; it burns brighter than ever before. "