IAAF Golden League

The IAAF Golden League was an annual series of athletics meetings organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations. It was introduced as the successor to the Golden Four in 1998 to send a more important individual athletic events.

With several specified in advance athletics disciplines athletes had to win their competition each at six events in order to obtain a share of the jackpot of one million dollars in gold. Was the less athletes won all the competitions in their respective disciplines, the greater their share of the jackpot. In 1998, the meetings of Oslo, Rome, Monaco, Zurich, Brussels and Berlin have been included in the Golden League program. 2003 Monaco was replaced by Paris.

The list of disciplines that were eligible for the jackpot, changed from year to year, but it always acted to six disciplines for men and women. 2000, the jackpot of one million dollars was reduced to fifty kilograms of gold bullion, but this was reversed in 2003. 2000 and 2001 had the athletes win five races in order to participate in the jackpot can.

In 2010 the IAAF Golden League was replaced by the IAAF Diamond League.


The following events listed for Golden League:

By Paris replaced:

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