Ian Paice

Ian Anderson Paice ( born June 29, 1948 in Nottingham ) is a British drummer and member of the group Deep Purple. He is considered one of the best and most influential rock drummer.


Before he got his first drum set at the age of 15 years by his father, he played the violin. Georgie And The Rave Ons was the first rock 'n' roll band, with which he appeared in and around Oxford. The band changed its name in 1965 in The Shindigs. 5 made ​​famous by performances as the opening act of the MI, Ian Paice joined this group as their drummer left the band. The MI5 took in 1966 on their first professionally produced single. Shortly afterwards, they were called into The Maze.

While a small Italian tour Ian Paice Ritchie Blackmore came to know that he shortly afterwards ( mid-1967 ) met again in Hamburg. As The Maze had not the resounding success, decided Ian Paice and Rod Evans, the singer of the band to apply for an audition for the new band Deep Purple.

His involvement with Deep Purple continues to this day. While now have changed from Deep Purple all the band members, Ian Paice is the band always remained. In between, he played with Whitesnake (1979 to 1981) and Gary Moore (1982 ) as well as solo projects by Bernie Marsden and Jon Lord. In 2001 he toured with Pete York by Germany. Besides, he already played with Paul McCartney.

Instruments and style

In the days of Deep Purple Ian Paice Drum preferred by Ludwig in different vinyl colors. He first played in the configuration with bass drum, Hängetom, two floor toms, snare, hi-hat and four pools, of which two were mostly mounted on a stand, as well as the complementary small splash pool. In addition, Paice had mounted a cowbell. Later he played a Ludwig drum kit, which he exchanged one against six Hängetom Concert Toms (without resonance heads ) and the splash pool positioned on the bass drum. Especially with Deep Purple's Ian Paice live performances could prove its impact tools skills, such as in the songs Mandrake Root, The Mule or Space Truckin '.

Ian Paice, one of the few well-known left-handed drummer, known for his penchant for large dimensions. So he is " a bass drums or a 24" for example, 26 - crash cymbal.

Paice is also known for his fast playing. So even for a long time was the rumor of the "Crazy Foot " in circulation, after which he is said to have played for example the intro of Fireball with a bass drum. Ian Paice rebutted this laughing in interviews. In the studio recording a bass drum from the set of Keith Moon of The Who still have been standing around. These he brought to himself and the piece with double bass played, because although the speed, but not the necessary pressure and thus realize the full sound with a foot could by its own account. Thus, a second bass drum was made ​​to live for only a few pieces. Ian Paice used since the 1990s, a double-bass drum pedal manufacturer Pearl.

From the 1980s, joined Ian Paice on drums of the brand Pearl, his pelvis come since the 60s by Paiste.


Singles with The Shindigs

  • One Little Letter / What You Gonna Do: UK 1965 Parlophone R 5316
  • A Little While Back / Why Say Goodbye: UK 1965 Parlophone R 5377

Singles with The M I 5

  • You'll Never Stop Me Loving You / Only Time Will Tell: UK 1966 Parlophone R 5486

Singles / Albums with The Maze

  • Hello Stranger / Telephone: UK 1966 Reaction 591009
  • Harlem Shuffle / What Now / The Trap / I'm So Glad [ ep ]: France 1967 Vogue Int. 18136
  • Catteri, Catteri / Easy Street: UK 1967 MGM Records MGM1368

Albums with Deep Purple

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Paice Ashton Lord album with

Albums with Whitesnake

Albums with Gary Moore