Ian Tyson

Ian Tyson CM, AOE ( born September 25, 1933, Victoria, British Columbia) is a Canadian country and folk singer who has made ​​a name with modern cowboy music.

Ian Tyson began as a rodeo rider and came relatively late to music. In 1961 he got to know the folk singer Sylvia Fricker. Together they formed the successful duo Ian & Sylvia, which in the folk scene for many years played a leading role. During this time he wrote his biggest hit, Four Strong Winds, which has been covered by numerous musicians. In 1964 they married. The marriage lasted more than ten years. After the separation, Ian spent some time working on alone, but then withdrew the late seventies from the music business and started a new life as a rancher in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Career as a country musician

His second career began in 1983 when he recorded Old Corrals And Sagebrush, an album that was heavily influenced by his experiences as a rancher. His " Cowboy Songs " were surprisingly well received by the audience, and so 1986 was followed by the by the critics rated Album Cowboygraphy. Ian Tyson wrote most of his own songs, in some cases together with Tom Russell. His songs are about life in the American West, his Canadian home and natural. By him dearly beloved horses One of his most beautiful songs - Adelita Rose - is dedicated to his daughter.

Although he was denied the really big commercial success, Ian produced in two or three-year intervals for a loyal fan base quality albums. Its pleasant, unobtrusive voice, careful arrangements and insightful lyrics lift his music far out from the mass of conventional Country - productions.