Iba stands for:

  • Diocese of Iba, a location in the Philippines, Roman Catholic diocese
  • Henry Iba (1904-1993), American basketball coach
  • Iba ( Bebra ), a district of Bebra in Hersfeld -Rotenburg, Hesse
  • Iba ( Zambales ), a municipality in the province of Zambales, Philippines

IBA is an abbreviation for:

  • Important Bird Area
  • InfiniBand, a specification for data transmission
  • Institute for Bioprocessing and Analytical Measurement Techniques, a research institution of the Free State of Thuringia
  • Interacting boson approximation, an approximation method to describe the structure of atomic nuclei
  • Interceptor Body Armor, a protective vest of U.S. forces
  • International Bartenders Association, an umbrella organization of world trade organizations the bartender
  • International Bowl Playing Association, an Irish sports association
  • International Bach Academy in Stuttgart
  • International Bakery Exhibition in Munich
  • International Building
  • International University of Cooperative Education in Darmstadt
  • International Book Art Exhibition in Leipzig
  • International Tree archive
  • Israel Broadcasting Authority, the Israeli government broadcasting organization
  • 4 - (indol -3 -yl ) butyric acid, a naturally occurring plant hormone in plants
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