• 5.1 stompboxes
  • 5.2 floor pedals
  • 5.3 Multi Effects
  • 5.4 Other effects
  • 6.1 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
  • 6.2 Electric Guitar Amplifier
  • 6.3 bass amplifier


The company began in 1908 as a distributor of musical instruments under the name of Hoshino Gakki, 1929 guitars were imported from the workshop of Spanish luthier Salvador Ibáñez é Hijos to Japan. The end of 1933 Telesforo Julve bought this company and produced guitars under the name "Salvador Ibáñez é Hijos ". From 1935 Hoshino Gakki stringed instruments under the name Salvador Ibanez himself began to manufacture in Nagoya. Later, the brand name was shortened to Ibanez.

In the 1960s, have been under the name Ibanez copies of other successful producers, such as the Fender Jazzmaster made ​​. The first own model of the company was the Ibanez Iceman.

Hoshino Gakki developed in 1987, and Steve Vai Ibanez Universe that, a seven electric guitar, which is provided with an additional low B string.

The price range of instruments ranging from beginner guitar to class. The Wizard necks are the thinnest of its kind to date belong to the upper class in musical instruments. The Prestige series is currently the highest category represents the instruments are largely made ​​by hand and are made from high quality wood with pickups and a DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan or EMG, as well as with better hardware.


Some models have now achieved cult status as the instruments from the Concord Series, Artcore series, or even the guitars from the Roadstar, S and RG series. Ibanez has two custom shops, one a. In Japan and in the U.S. These instruments are of high quality and are produced in small volumes in manual labor.

Acoustic guitars ( Western and Classic)

  • Salvador Ibáñez
  • Ibanez Vintage Classic Guitars
  • Ibanez Concord Series
  • Ibanez Artist Series
  • Ibanez AW- series
  • Ibanez CR Series
  • Ibanez PF series
  • Ibanez GA Series
  • Ibanez TU- series
  • Ibanez NW Series

Electric Guitars

  • Ibanez Artist Series
  • Ibanez JEM / UNIVERSE Series
  • Ibanez JS Series
  • Ibanez RBM - series
  • Ibanez FGM - series
  • Ibanez PGM Series
  • Ibanez GB- series
  • Ibanez S series
  • Ibanez R series
  • Ibanez RG series
  • Ibanez RT Series
  • Ibanez EX Series
  • Ibanez FR series
  • Ibanez ARTSTAR series
  • Ibanez Falchion
  • Ibanez Xiphos
  • Ibanez Iceman
  • Ibanez Ghostrider
  • Ibanez Artcore


  • Ibanez CTB series
  • Ibanez SR Series
  • Ibanez TR Series

Signature models

Ibanez builds, among other signature models for guitarists like George Benson, Wes Borland, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Daron Malakian, Mick Thomson, Andy Timmons, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Joe Pass, Joe Guitar Hughes, Paul Gilbert, Herman Li, James Shaffer and earlier before this one went for John Petrucci and Steve Lukather at Music under contract.


Artists Mandolin series


Artists Banjos series

Effect devices

Ground effects

  • Tubescreamer TS -808

The Tubescreamer is a classic overdrive. The TS -808 was the first TubeScreamer the end of the 70s appeared.

  • Tubescreamer TS-9

The TS -9 came in 1982 on the market. He is a successor model of the TS - 808.

  • Tubescreamer TS- 9DX
  • Flanger FL -9
  • Chorus CS -9

Floor pedals

  • Blubber (1972 )

Wah wah.

  • Double Sound (1974 )

Wah wah and distortion.

Multi Effects

Compressor, Phaser, Distortion, Chorus / Flanger

Compressor / Limiter, Stereo Chorus, Parametric equalizer, analog delay

Other effects

  • Analog Delay AD 100

2 channel delay.


There are both Ibanez electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass amplifiers. It both transistor amplifier and tube amplifiers were produced.

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Troubadour Series


  • TA -20

Power: 20W4Ω

  • TA -35

Power: 35W4Ω

  • TA -225

Power: 2x25W8Ω

Electric Guitar Amplifier

Stage Master Series

  • Stage Master FS -41 (1972 )

Power: 40W


  • TB-15/TB-15R

Power: 15W4Ω

  • TB- 15D

Power: 15W4Ω With digital effects unit.

  • TB-25/TB-25R

Power: 25W8Ω

  • TB -50R

Power: 50W8Ω

  • TB -225

Power: 2x25W8Ω


  • TB -100R

Power: 100W8Ω / 120W4Ω

  • TB -212

Speakers: 2x12 "

  • TB -100H

Power: 100W8Ω / 120W4Ω amplifier. Top speaker boxes for TB-412A/TB-412S.

  • TB-412A/TB-412S

Speakers: 4x12 " boxes for TB -100H to form a half-stack with TB- 412A or a double stack with TB- 412A and TB- 412S

Bass amplifiers

Stage Master Series

  • StageMaster FSB -41 (1972 )

Power: 40W

Sound Wave series


  • SW- 20

Power: 20W4Ω

  • SW- 35

Power: 35W4Ω

  • SW- 65

Power: 65W4Ω

  • SW- 100

Power: 100W8Ω / 145W4Ω

Other products

  • Equalizer
  • Mixer
  • Recording devices
  • Microphones

Furthermore, there is general Ibanez Accessories, spare parts and replacement parts such as pickups, picks, strings, cable, tremolo, buttons, bags, cases, stands, etc.