Iberian Gate and Chapel

The Resurrection (Russian Воскресенские ворота / Woskresenskije Worota ) is a centrally located Moscow city gate. It takes its name from an icon that represented the resurrection of Christ. Dating from the 1680 original was removed in 1931, from 1995 to 1996 a structural reconstruction was built.

The Resurrection, one of the traditional emblem of the Moscow city center, was demolished in 1931 because it obstructed the passage for larger military vehicles to the Red Square. This was especially in regard to the annual anniversary of the October Revolution, held military parades of importance. As part of the tendencies of a recovery of destroyed in the Stalinist tradition heritage largely true copy of the gate was built in 1995-1996. One in the sunken front of the goal brass star marks the "kilometer zero " of related tables Moscow Russian range.