IBM Lotus Word Pro

Lotus Word Pro is a word processing software of Lotus Development Corporation (now owned by IBM). Word Pro is the successor of Ami Pro.

Word Pro will now be sold or bundled with Lotus SmartSuite, developed and used worldwide. The current version is 9.8 (July 2005) and runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 Earlier versions were also for OS / 2

File Format

The files created with Word Pro to get the extension. Lwp ( in older versions and Ami Pro also. Sam). Template files ( so called smart master) have the file extension mwp. . WordPro can from the SmartSuite 9.8 no longer read the Urformat SAM AmiPro.

The file format itself is proprietary and can not be easily read by other programs. With Word Pro can, however, (eg, Microsoft Word), read, edit and save many other file formats. There is a viewer for Windows with which the files can be displayed.


  • Windows (16 -bit) August 31, 1995 - Lotus Word Pro 96 ( SmartSuite 4.0)
  • December 4, 1995 - Lotus Word Pro 96 for Windows 95