IBM Personal Computer XT

The IBM Personal Computer XT (Type 5160 ) or simply XT ( eXtended Technology), presented on 8 March 1983, has been a slight evolution of the IBM PC. Both devices, PC and PC XT are often summarized under the symbol PC / XT and so distinguished from technically significantly altered successor IBM PC AT.


He has, in contrast to the original PC hard disk ( MFM) with a capacity of 10 MB, a correspondingly larger power supply, an ST -506 compatible hard disk controllers and more memory slots and XT -bus expansion cards to the motherboard. He was also shipped with the newer PC - DOS 2.0, which supported when working with hard drives almost indispensable subdirectories for the first time.

XT variants

Furthermore, there was the XT IBM 3270 PC with hardware to emulate a terminal type IBM 3270th

The IBM PC/370 included two plug-in cards a / 370 - compatible CPU. The XT was there only as input-output. The PC/370 has been successfully used for program development for IBM mainframes.

A late model of the PC XT, PC XT 286 (Type 5162 ) was first presented on September 2, 1986. Instead of 8088 - it has a 80286 CPU, which made him a more favorable alternative to the already available since 1984 IBM PC AT. Although the XT 286 80286 CPU was clocked at only 6 MHz instead of 8 MHz PC AT, he reaches a higher speed due to its faster memory. And he has also been introduced in the PC AT 5.25 " floppy disk drive with a storage capacity of 1.2 Mbyte half-height ( 1.75" ).

IBM also made ​​the EMR ( electromagnetically Resistant) XT for military and diplomatic applications. He was assured by careful shielding measures against the " interception " of electromagnetic radiation according to the American TEMPEST standard.

Expansion unit

The PC XT and XT 286 could increase by an identical case with space for extra drives and expansion cards with the Expansion Unit Model 5161 ( expansion unit ). For this purpose, a card with driver blocks was inserted into the XT, with the union of the XT bus expansion unit via a cable. For the original PC had the same option.

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