IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM ) is a backup software that is developed and sold by IBM. The product was ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager ( ADSM ) before it was renamed to Tivoli Storage Manager 1999.

TSM is part of the Tivoli family of products and works on the client - server principle: the TSM server manages the data stored, storage media, backup devices, clients and users, and much more is available Sicherungsautomatismen The client (node ​​), however, is primarily responsible for data backup.

Up to version 5.5 the TSM server was a proprietary database based architecture with a conditional maximum size of 530 GB and 13 GB log memory. She sat on the command line of TSM commands ( SELECT only ) to address SQL statements through ODBC or custom server scripts. As of version 6.1 it is replaced by a DB2 database. For the administration, there were up to version 3, a separate client program, this was replaced by a web server installed simultaneously with the TSM server causing the entire server was also administrate via web browser. Currently, the Integrated Solutions Console ( ISC) is used for administration next to the Command Line, which provides a GUI for administration.

The organization of the data consists of various container -constructed structures: one domain follows the policy, which in turn are based on management classes and these in turn are the individual backup and archive groups. It can be classified thus at various levels attributes such as retention times, versioning and securing techniques. This box-like structure allows a high flexibility.

The TSM supports backups on magnetic and optical media as well as on disk. There are mainly two types: backup and archives. When backing up the data is backed up incrementally and can thus be versioned its database. The versioning rules are possible up to the level of individual files. Full backups are not necessary but also possible, but lies primarily with the possibility of archiving. In the archive is usually an additional full backup without versions.

With the standard software TSM HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management ) software is also included, which allows to outsource data according to certain criteria to tape, thus represents an advanced form of data storage.

In addition, there are various modules TSM for Mail / Databases / etc. ( formerly known as TDP - Tivoli Data Protection ), which for example allow backing up Oracle databases, SAP-R/3-Systemen, Microsoft SQL Server and other application data.