Ibrahim Lodi

Ibrahim Lodi ( † April 20, 1526 ) was the last ruler of the Sultanate of Delhi. He belonged to the Pashtun Lodi dynasty and ruled from 1517 to 1526.


Ibrahim followed his father Sikandar Lodi in 1517 to the throne. He had to translate numerous uprisings of neighboring Rajputs, who penetrated even until shortly before Agra, the second capital of the Lodi Sultanate. He retired to the resentment of the upper classes by younger by almost all senior military officers and civil servants - still faithful - replaced. As a result of civil unrest and at the instigation of the top layer of the Afghan prince Babur invaded the Sultanate of Delhi. Ibrahim died in the battle of Panipat on April 20 in 1526.


Ibrahim Lodi was buried in a simple tomb in Panipat. The Sultanate of Delhi was part of the Mughal Empire.