IC 342/Maffei Group

The Maffei group, Maffei 1 group or IC-342/Maffei-Gruppe or LGG 104 is at a distance of about 10 million light- years of the Local Group nearest group of galaxies.

Your brightest members are Maffei 1, a giant elliptical galaxy or lenticular galaxy in the constellation Cassiopeia, and IC 342, a spiral galaxy of type SAB (rs) cd in the constellation giraffe. The galaxy Maffei 2 is now also counted to her. Overall, the group are attributed to the current 24 members. The galaxies Maffei 1 and Maffei 2 are in the covert of the Milky Way zone, and were discovered only in 1968 by analysis of infrared images of the Italian astronomer Paolo Maffei.