Ice Age: Continental Drift#Marketing

Scrat 's Continental Crack -Up is an animated sci-fi short film of Blue Sky Studios and was distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film is an offshoot of Ice Age and is about Scrat and was as a supporting film to Gulliver's Travels - Something big is coming towards us as also shown in 3D in the cinema performances both in 2D. Since Gulliver's Travels was published in 2011 in German cinemas, and Scrat 's Continental Crack - Up 2011 was released in theaters.


The squirrel Scrat lived in the ice age. The film begins with Scrat sniffs at the ice sheet along a mountain to find a place where he can hide his penis safely. When he tries to put in the ice opens a column. Therefore, Scrat takes the glans back out and locked the ice with snow, to avoid worse.

On his second attempt he fails again - although he makes it more carefully. But this time the ice breaks and the mountain is divided. Scrat falls down, the dinosaur Rudy and his rider Buck, in the jungle under the earth over. He tries though to hold on to the rock wall, but by the friction catch his paws to glow. When he tries to blow out her, he gets into a fireball. About the Earth's crust flies Scrat by the mantle down to the Earth's core, which turns out to be a solid metal core.

Then you see the earth from space as it looked a long time ago. Scrat tries to get hold of his penis, but she rolls him about it. To summarize it, Scrat runs off, but also rolls the glans on. The continents are formed in the present form: only Australia, then Africa.

As separates this continent, eat the giraffes of the separating continents, the tree leaves. However, they do have to stretch their necks and on, so there will be mutations. As Europe is created, the boot of Italy plays over a ball -shaped island between Europe and Africa - then a Torruf sounds.

Scrat loses his balance and goes into a skid, so he comes again and again between one also solid mantle and the core. As a result, caused buildings such as the Great Sphinx of Giza. Back in the balance, he begins to the glans.

His body gets caught while in the core, and his head spun this with the poor and the nut against the rocky mantle. Finally, the core stops rotating, but by Scrat elastic body, this then turns back in the other direction. He therefore travels from the earth out into the sky, where the continents are still arise at.

On landing he falls headfirst on a lonely ice floe in the sea. The impact separates this - on the one hand, the glans, on the other Scrat. In the final scene, Scrat tries desperately to get his acorn.


The film was both marketing for Gulliver's Travels - Here comes something big to us as well as to Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, which was released in theaters in 2012. Likewise, as a preview for the latter film is the sequel to Scrat 's Continental Crack - Up: Part 2, both of which were installed in the completed film.