Ice cap

As ice cap (or plateau glacier ) is called an extended, firm land covering glaciers with an area of ​​less than 50,000 km ². In contrast, the ice sheets are more than 50,000 km ².


Ice caps are not as limited by valley glaciers topographic conditions, but flat, dome-shaped structures, mostly. Having a central dome as the highest point forming an ice divide The Eisfließen is directed away from this Dom to the edge of the ice cap down. Many ice caps have the outlet glaciers similar outlet glaciers.

Examples of ice caps

  • Vatnajökull ( Iceland )
  • Austfonna (North East Land, Spitsbergen )
  • Hans- thousands - ice sheet ( Peary Land, North Greenland)
  • Penny Ice Cap ( Baffin Island, Canada)
  • North and South Patagonian Ice Fields ( Patagonia, Chile and Argentina)
  • Agassiz Ice Cap ( Ellesmere Island, Canada)
  • Stikine Ice Sheet (Alaska and Canada)
  • Cook Glacier, Kerguelen
  • Langjökull ( Iceland )
  • Hofsjökull ( Iceland )