Ice-cream headache

Cold headache, Brain Freeze also called, (English ice cream headache ( = ice cream headache ), brain freeze, slushie or frozen brain syndrome ) is a triggered by cold food or drinks headache. An editorial in the British Medical Journal, every third person knows the seconds after the ice cream einschießenden stabbing pain after 30 seconds at its maximum in the rule, and then subsides just as quickly. Also, by immersion of the face in very cold water, he can be provoked.

Whether migraine sufferers often feel it is controversial. Maybe the pain is provoked by a sudden cold stimulus on the palate. The cause is seen in cold-induced constriction of blood vessels. Doppler sonography was demonstrated in individual cases that the blood flow of the middle cerebral artery decreased among those affected. A cooling of the skull inside would occur much slower and probably does not matter. In contrast, a 2012 study presented indicates that protects the brain by a dilation of blood vessels before cooling off and the pain through the resulting increase in pressure occurs.

There are numerous home remedies for the pain, but these are not detectable effect. According to reports, it may help if the palate with the tongue touches to generate additional heat there, or to slowly drink lukewarm water. To lay your head on the side can also help. The pain can be avoided by taking cold foods slowly to himself, that is, the natural re-heating of the oral cavity and over again is simply a time or contact with the palate as far as possible avoid them.