Ice divide

An ice divide or glacier vagina is similar to a watershed, the site of an ice sheet, an ice cap or glacier, the ice flows in different directions. Such ice divides are of particular significance in view of the research carried out on ice sheets by drilling, for such holes are usually carried out on the vertex of such ice sheets to possible only vertical movements of the ice without encountering interference by lateral flow movements.

Glacier flow sheaths are often referred to as ice divides. This is normal, in contrast to the above meaning to a branch of an incident on an obstacle glacier.

In the Alps, both forms of ice divides are to be found. Gepatsch and Kesselwandferner form on Kesselwandjoch in the Ötztal Alps, for example, an ice divide in terms of a watershed. An example of a glacier in the vagina can be found in the Pennine Alps with the Brunegggletscher in which a part of the glacier flows into the Turtmann glacier, but another part runs in a separate glacier tongue.

An important example of a prehistoric glacier in the vagina is located in the northeast of Rügen Jasmund peninsula. This shared during the last phase of the Weichselian the power of the Nordic inland ice in the Belt and the Oder- ice stream.