Ice diving

When you dive ice diving mostly in a frozen lake under a centimeter thick ice often. Normally diving with device while the apnea diving is usually only an extreme sport under ice. Similar to the cave diving Ice diving is dangerous because the dive can not be easily stopped by appearance to the surface. Also, because hypothermia can lead to accidents. Thus died in February 2011, a freediver workout in the apnea - distance diving under ice.

For ice diving you need to be:

  • A wetsuit, best is a dry suit; it reduces the risk of hypothermia;
  • Two complete, icing insensitive regulator,
  • A compressed air bottle with double outlet (lockable separately ), better are two completely separate respiratory systems (2 bottles, each with a regulator );
  • Aufschwimmendes a dip cable ( tear resistant, 50-100 m);
  • A safety diver with a rope, which must be at least as long as that of the diving group; already a few meters away has one, depending on the retrieve no way the manhole without safety rope;
  • A signal man who / that leads the rope of the dive team and this communicates with the group;
  • A saw, ax, etc., to open the lake eco-friendly. A chain saw should be used without chain oil;
  • Experienced buddy; no one should dive under ice without the appropriate experience or expert advice.

Ice diving as an extreme sport

From 23 to 25 February 2007, an international competition in Underwater Hockey took place on Austrian Weissensee on an idea by Christian Redl held for the first time. This ice hockey variant was played with 2 apnea divers per team with an eight by six meter pitch at the bottom of the ice. The puck was made ​​of foam polystyrene and due to the high effort was the season only three times ten minutes during which the players had to surface at intervals of about 30 seconds to catch his breath. The participants came from Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, Monaco, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. World Champion at this World Cup was Finland, which defeated Austria in the final. Third place went to Slovakia.