Ice Princess

  • Michelle Trachtenberg: Casey Carlyle
  • Joan Cusack Joan Carlyle
  • Kim Cattrall: Tina Harwood
  • Hayden Panettiere: Gen Harwood
  • Trevor Blumas: Teddy Harwood

The Ice Princess is an American Disney movie from the year 2005.


The ambitious and a little shy high school student Casey Carlyle deals with the effect and evaluation of physical forces. Your goal is to apply with a corresponding work for a fellowship at Harvard. To this end, it intends to undertake practical studies based on motion models of figure skaters. Here she meets the trainer and former Olympic athlete Tina Harwood and Tina's daughter and son Teddy gene know. After initial difficulties, they may carry out their studies and is itself immediately enthusiastic about the sport. She begins to train with Tina and can qualify in a competition for a major tournament.

Her mother, who learns by chance of the plan, Casey tries to dissuade her plans, as she holds the scholarship for more important. Tina also works against Casey because they feared that they could compete with her ​​daughter gene. After Casey then also fails, she withdraws into their studies. In the interview at Harvard but she finally realizes her passion for the sport. She persuades Tina to train with her ​​for a national knockout. Then, when her mother still appears at the last moment to this tournament, he finally succeeds Casey, to qualify.


" [ ... ] The sports film component is anyway not emphasized here is more about interpersonal relationships. This also is not the romantic subplot is missing because Casey is in love with Tina's cute son Teddy ( Trevor Blumas ). As a mandatory program in terms Teenunterhaltung this lightweight coming-of- age story may not be described, but in the long program on the DVD market, they should be able to score points. "

" The cute, meaningless story of the Schulstreberin who wants to become a figure skating star is tailored to young girls. But even that can only be bored with this film. "

" High school drama that feeds its harmless story from the usual clichés of the genre. "

Film Music

On the soundtrack, among other things, the song " I fly " is included by the actress Hayden Panettiere.