Iceberg Skating Palace

  • 2014 Winter Olympics

The Iceberg Ice Palace (Russian Дворец Зимнего Спорта Айсберг ) is a multi-purpose hall in Sochi, Russia. The 12,000 seat arena was the venue for comprehensive figure skating and short track speed skating at the 2014 Winter Olympics.


The cost of building the Iceberg Ice Palace amounted to $ 43.9 million. This also includes the cost of running the operation during the Olympic Games. The area surrounding the hall was completely transformed. In October 2012, a regional figure skating competition was held to test the hall, but the International Skating Union presented here found that not all the conditions for hosting the final of the ISU Grand Prix series were the 2012/2013 met.

Participants of the Grand Prix said that they like the venue, however, viewers complained about the limited view through the railings in the upper rows. It takes about two hours to prepare the ice, if you want to change the competitions of figure skating short track speed skating and vice versa.


After the Olympics, the hall will be used as a skating rink or velodrome expected.