Iceberg Slim

Iceberg Slim or Robert Beck (actually Robert Lee Maupin; * August 4, 1918 in Chicago, Illinois; † 28 April 1992) was a pimp and writer.


Iceberg Slim was his name as a pimp in Chicago and the surrounding area. After he had been in prison seven times, he swore off criminal life and became a writer. He moved to California and called himself Robert Beck. He became one of the most widely read black writers in America. His novels have been more than twelve million copies. His most famous work is his autobiography Pimp who has also appeared in Germany.

The harsh language used Iceberg Slim 's novels, made him known, especially in the American hip -hop scene. The rapper Ice-T and Ice Cube called themselves after him. Ice -T's lyrics were heavily influenced by Iceberg Slim.


  • Pimp - The Story of My Life. Holloway House, Los Angeles, 1969 [ 1967 ?]. In German: Pimp. The story of my life. All books published in paperback at Holloway House in Los Angeles,
  • Trick Baby - The Story of a White Negro. In 1967.
  • Mama Black Widow - A Story of the South 's Black Underworld. 1969
  • Long White Con - The Biggest Score in His Life. In 1977.
  • The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim - Robert Beck's Real Story. 1971
  • Death Wish - A Story of the Mafia. 1977th Translated: Death Curse
  • Airtight Willie and Me - The Story of Six Incredible player. 1979
  • Doom Fox. 1998th The book was written in 1978