Icebreaker (clothing)

Icebreaker is a New Zealand company for outdoor clothing. She claims to be the world's largest manufacturer of functional underwear is made from Merino wool.

Company History

The marketing expert Jeremy Moon worked as a scientist in New Zealand. 1994 introduced him to an American friend Brian Brackenridge, a Merino sheep farmer. Brackenridge had made a prototype of a thermal t- shirts made of 100 percent merino wool already produce. When he showed this Moon, he was thrilled. The then 24 -year-old Moon had completed his marketing studies. Initially it was his intention to sell so much of the prototype material in order to visit with the Meritorious his girlfriend in the U.S. can. When he wore the shirt during outdoor activities, he recognized the suitability of Merino wool as a versatile outdoor material. He drew up a business plan, which was aimed first for the outdoor area to develop a multi- layer system of Merino wool and the products ultimately sell worldwide. In 1994, all outdoor clothing nor synthetic.

The first designs of Icebreaker were also in the opinion of the founder not very successful. The sleeves in the first delivery were 15 cm too short. But after three years Icebreaker made ​​the first profit. 800 New Zealand dollars were left over after expenses.

Production and products

Today, the product range of Icebreaker underwear, middle layers, outer layers, socks and accessories for men, women and children. Icebreaker products are sold in 37 countries.

The company employed up to 350 people in Wellington, New Zealand as well as in their offices in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.