Icecast is a free streaming server for the transmission of multimedia data.


With Icecast can both operate their own Internet radio as well as for example via a wireless music into his own apartment stream (jukebox ). Needed to software is the one of the Icecast server itself and on the other a data source ( source client), which is called Ices.

About the Ices the data sources are fed into the server; for them to any format or audio sources are used. This concept allows tremendous flexibility, since any other components such as generators or effect equalizer can be " looped ". The Icecast server then delivers the data streams to the streaming client in the Ogg formats AAC, AAC V2 or MP3 from; to retrieve the streamed programs so everyone streaming enabled players can be re-used, supports this streaming formats.

File formats and platforms

The data sources for the Icecast servers are called Ices; So in principle, any audio signals can be used as a data source. Ices are available for all major operating systems are available, such as Edcast (formerly Oddcast ), SAM2 and ezstream for Windows, ices, Muse, darkice and IceGenerator for Linux and Unix, as well Nicecast or muse - osx for Mac OS X.

The server application is available as a binary package for Windows, as well as source code available for download. Icecast can stream in the file formats Ogg Vorbis, Theora and MP3.

The popular media player like Foobar2000, Winamp, Amarok / Exaile, XMMS and Zinf support all these Icecast streams.


The project is being developed since 2001 under the umbrella of the Xiph.Org Foundation. Since the beginning of 2004, substantially revised version 2 will be further developed. Compared with the 1.x versions, which were intended only for Ogg Vorbis, Icecast2 now supports many more formats.


In May 2010, took nearly 3,000 Internet radio stations the Icecast server. In November 2012, the Icecast server applied for over 14,800 available streams, including more than 13,600 in MP3 format.


More streaming server with comparable functionality include: