Iced coffee

An iced coffee is brewed in Germany and Austria, and then cooled off coffee (and possibly extended espresso) with milk and vanilla ice cream. The iced coffee sweetened to taste and can be a cap of whipped cream included.

Iced coffee is primarily ordered in the summer in ice cream parlors and cafes - usually consists of a slender glass or cup with a straw.

The iced coffee the Italian caffè freddo underlying ( cold coffee ), allegedly the Greek café frappé derived as a concept exists only from chilled, extended with water espresso and sweetened to taste with sugar syrup. He belongs to the usual range of Italian bars in the summer months. The Greek café frappé in turn is also a cold drink, also known as ( edible ) iced coffee version ( frappe Pagoto = Frappe with ice cream ) is available.

There are also powders from different manufacturers that are mixed with cold milk or water to eiskaffee similar beverages.

The popular Black Forest Black Forest iced coffee is made erkaltetem filter coffee, sweetened with the sugar and a generous portion of Black Forest Kirsch is attached. 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, served in a sleek high glass cup and topped with cream, chocolate chips, maybe a cherry, fan wafers or wafer rolls are garnished.

Iced coffee offered in the U.S. as Iced Coffee, sometimes only black coffee with ice cubes (not ice cream) and possibly with a little milk.

In Switzerland, as iced coffee ( Cafe Glacé ) coffee ice cream is served as a sundae.