Icejet was an Icelandic airline based in Reykjavík.


Icejet was founded in 2005 and currently operates an aircraft, which is used in the charter for private individuals and companies. The company is owned by the Nordic Partners, founded by Jon Ingi Jonsson, who was already involved in the founding of City Star Airlines in 2003. Although Icejet was an Icelandic airline, mid-2010, none of its four aircraft was stationed in Iceland but two at the airport from Oxford as well as at Paris- Le Bourget Airport and another in Riga. Mid-2010, presented Icejet flight operations at short notice, but he was in the autumn of the same year again, but taken with a reduced fleet. Meanwhile, the operation was, however, reinstated the website of the company is no longer accessible.


Recently the fleet of Icejet consisted of a plane: